Workplace Stressors, Addiction, and Treatment

What stresses in the work force contribute to alcohol use?

In his paper entitled, “Work Stress and Alcohol Use,” Michael R. Frone, Ph.D. discusses the two major causes of employee alcohol use. He breaks these two causes down into categories:

The alienation paradigm occurs when employees are not enriched by their jobs, have no control over content, and are unable to contribute to any decision making as a whole.
The stress paradigm occurs when an employee is subject to aversive work conditions, such as: a dangerous work environment, interpersonal conflict, heavy loads, unfair treatment, and job insecurity.

For quite some time, alcohol literature addressed these two paradigms as separate concepts, but Frone calls on a study by J.K. Martin to make an argument that these two paradigms should not be considered separately. He calls for the work alienation paradigm to be subsumed by the work stress paradigm because, “theoretical and empirical research suggest(s) that individual difference in the psychological importance of work may be important in explaining when work stressors will be related to alcohol” (285). In layman’s terms, this means that work alienation factors are just more work stressors. All of these stressors could potentially drive an individual to drink.

What happens during treatment?

At Right Path Drug Rehab, we are dedicated to working with you in order to create a customized addiction recovery program that is tailored specifically for your substance abuse history and severity of addiction. Because no two individuals face the same struggles with addiction, we personalize our approach with each new patient we admit. Call our network of providers today in order to make a plan that will enable you to break the substance abuse cycle.

Sometimes clients can be very nervous about withdrawals because they are worried that recovery will become impossible. Fortunately for our clients, our staff is trained and experienced at supporting them through a clinically managed detox to ease them into a restful period. Detoxification at the start of treatment is imperative because it causes the brain to let the body know that it is not still physically reliant on daily drug or alcohol abuse. Your comfort and safety are of utmost importance to our drug rehab.

How do I maintain sobriety when I return to work?

Our network of providers teaches relapse prevention practices, sober social norms, and positive coping mechanisms. To help maintain your recovery, our network of providers will also teach you how to utilize positive practices such as yoga, meditation practices, hiking, 12 step programs, individual counseling, and group therapy. We will place you in one of our luxurious and welcoming housing facilities that boast amenities such as transportation accommodations, 24 hour fitness centers, and private chefs at each meal. Join us for a stress free recovery and to participate in our professional preparation program that will give you the tools you need to remain sober and successful. Call Right Path Drug Rehab today.

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