When A Loved One Has an Addiction

Addiction is often called a family disease because of how it affects everyone surrounding the individual who is dealing with it. Loved ones and family members are often left to deal with manipulation, lies, and abuse of the emotional or even physical variety.  When one spends their days dealing with worry, sadness, and fear, this way of living can take an enormous toll on his or her quality of life. When this goes on for long enough, serious mental health issues can begin to occur. The two main mental health issues include anxiety and depression.


  1. Anxiety – Depression and anxiety often appear together. Anxiety can sometimes be the cause of depression. In a similar manner, depression can also be the cause of anxiety. Symptoms of anxiety include but are not limited to: feelings of fear, stress, worry, or unease. If left untreated, these symptoms have the potential to escalate to a panic disorder. Anxiety and panic disorders can have serious effects on mental and physical health. Stress levels and moods are affected by anxiety, which can then lead to malnutrition, illness, and fatigue.
  2. Depression – Depression can manifest itself as a physical pain in the chest, feelings of complete hopelessness and despair, as well as sadness. Extended bouts of depression can cause mental and physical health issues in the same way as anxiety. These symptoms can lead to clinical depression, which can cause a change in you thoughts, moods, sleeping habits, eating habits, and ability to find pleasure. Depression must be treated by a professional.


Another serious side effect of living alongside someone with an addiction is the potential for post traumatic stress disorder. When anxiety and depression take a toll on an individual, a PTSD episode can occur seemingly out of nowhere. This can be worked through with a therapist, especially with a therapist who practices cognitive behavioral therapy. Living alongside a loved one who is struggling with an addiction can be difficult, but there are resources out there for you, as well as for them.
Right Path Drug Rehab offers a wide variety of customized addiction treatment programs including family sessions throughout the course of recovery. We want to equip our families to be able to heal, thrive, and support each other as the addicted individual strives for sustained sobriety. Contact one of our experienced representatives today in order to learn more about the options that are offered by our drug rehab center.

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