What to Expect from an Addiction Treatment Program

It can be very hard to admit the need for help when you are struggling with an addiction to illicit drugs or alcohol, but addiction is not a disease that should be fought alone. Patients with broken limbs don’t try to set them alone. They visit the emergency room. Clients with heart disease are put on a treatment plan and supervised by medical doctors. Addiction is classified as a disease and must be approached as such. When an individual enrolls at our drug rehab center, our case managers work with him or her to create a personalized addiction treatment program that caters to his or her individual needs as they relate to treatment and recovery.


At Right Path Drug Rehab, our professional staff members guide our clients through a clinically managed detox at the start of treatment. This allows the body and the brain to be able to communicate with each other without any toxins getting in the way. Clinically managed detox means that our clients are never left on their own, and that our staff of professionals will ensure their comfort and safety throughout the entire process. Following a successful detox, our clients reside in luxury housing accommodations with other individuals who are in recovery.


While in treatment, clients will participate in various types of therapy such as individual counseling, group sessions, and family therapy. All of these components are integral to lasting sobriety. Adult education classes are intended to help individuals learn more about the cycle of substance abuse and how it has manifested in his or her own life. It is important to unpack the psychology behind why the substance abuse began, so that clients can begin to truly heal and recover from the illness.


Right Path Drug Rehab organizes exciting group activities every weekend, such as beach trips, movie nights, paddle boarding, go karting, hiking, and more. Bonding with others in recovery gives clients the chance to form supportive friendships that will endure even after their treatment program has come to an end. Toward the end of treatment, clients are encouraged to participate in professional preparation services such as learning how to go through a job interview, getting help with resume creation, classes on establishing residency, and more.
If you or a loved one could use professional guidance during your recovery journey, call our helpful representatives today, and begin your journey toward sobriety tomorrow.

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