The Dangers of Inhalants

What Are Inhalants?
Inhalants can be everyday products that you have in your home or in your office. These products include paint, glues, and cleaning products that have strong volatile chemicals that can cause psychosis (mind altering properties). For the most part, people do not normally see these items as something to abuse. It is more common among adolescents and teens; however, percentages are raised for adults who are already abusing other substances.

How Are Inhalants Abused?
Typically, inhalants are sniffed through the nasal passages or heavily breathed into the mouth. This is known as “huffing,” and it usually happens when the substance is still in its container. Abusers of inhalants can huff products in spray cans, glue dispensers, and cleaning supplies. Those who abuse inhalants can even breathe the fumes out of balloons, plastic bags, or paper bags. Inhalant abusers can also use breathe into a rag that has been soaked in chemicals. The side effects of inhalants last only a few minutes; however, those who abuse inhalants will continue to breath in the products for a longer period of time.

What Are The Side Effects?
Short term side effects of inhalants include dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Long term effects are more serious and harmful to you body. These side effects are bone marrow damage, hearing loss, liver, and kidney failure. Inhalants can cause brain damage due to the lack of oxygen that your brain is receiving. In addition, inhalants can be lethal because of the concentrated chemicals that are found within the products. Huffing or breathing out of aerosol cans can lead to immediate heart failure and death by suffocation, especially when not in a well ventilated room. Nitrites have also been used during unsafe sexual practices which have also resulted in death or the transmission of sexual diseases such as HIV and AIDS. These nitrates are commonly known as “poppers” and are sold in small brown bottles with a common household label.

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