Stop The War On Drugs With A Love Song

What We Know and Think We Know About Addiction
We know that addiction is a disease that affects the mind, body, and soul. Addiction is extremely hard to overcome, and even when you think you have, there are still triggers and temptations everywhere you go. Those who struggle with substance abuse will forever have to work on themselves and their sobriety. We believe that to help those who are dependent on drugs and alcohol, they must be isolated and in a sense “punished” for their mistakes. However, what results have we as a nation, or as a world, seen with this sort of approach?

What We Should Know About Addiction
In a TED Talk starring Johann Hari, it is clear that this “American Way” of dealing with those who are dependent on drug and alcohol is not providing the right treatment they need. Drugs were banned about a century ago from both America and Britain, and it spread throughout the world. It became an idea that if we punished those who were addicted to substances, we could “cure” them. However, we kept seeing the same patterns. We should know that isolation is not the key to helping someone with an addiction. Instead, we should socialize them. Those who abuse substances begin their addiction because they are isolated and alone. They believe they have nothing to look forward to each day, they have no support, and drugs and alcohol are the only thing that gives them purpose.

What Happens if War Becomes Love
In a study that was conducted in Portugal, it was proven that the percentages of those who were addicted to drugs and alcohol had diminished due to the reversal of actions taken by the Portugal government. Officials were doing everything they could to incarcerate, stigmatize, and shame those who were addicted to drugs and alcohol, until it was suggested by Dr. João Goulão that officials decriminalize everything from cannabis to crack cocaine and take all the money that was being used for punishment for positive reinforcement. By spending the money on getting current abusers and recovery patients jobs and giving them a purpose, Portugal was able to lower the percentage of those who were addicted to heroin alone by 50% within the past fifteen years.

Love, Love, Love
It has become more apparent that we should be socializing those who struggle with addiction. At Right Path Drug Rehab, we strive to do just that. We offer a number of group therapies and activities to help those who suffer from substance abuse making friends with those they have commonalities with. Right Path Drug Rehab provides a safe and positive environment that reconnects drug and alcohol abusers to society. That way when their addiction recovery program is complete, they can return home happy and confident. Our network also provides patients with professional preparation services to help them get back into the workforce. Patients can get assistance with their professional resumes, be taught how to budget their daily incomes, and receive advice on other day-to-day responsibilities. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, contact Right Path Drug Rehab today. Let us help you by providing love and support.

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