Realities of College Life: Addiction and Mental Health

College Life
Being admitted into college is a huge success and milestone in life no matter the age; however, the stresses of college life can take a mental and physical toll on the body. For young people, going to college is a huge transition, especially for those who will be moving out on their own. Becoming a college student adds more responsibility such as a full class schedule, a part time job, and endless hours of studying. Sometimes the stresses and new environment of being a college student can lead to temptations such as binge drinking and substance abuse.

Pour One For The Homies
Alcohol is one of the leading substances that is abused on college campuses. According to the NIAAA, about forty percent of the population admitted to binge drinking within a two week time frame. Of that forty percent, twenty two percent are college students. Many of those students reported that drinking helped relax them or helped relieve themselves of stress. Unfortunately, drinking alcohol to solve problems doesn’t fix everything. In fact, the high consumption of alcohol has lead to about seventeen hundred deaths within the college student population. Six hundred and ninety-six college students were assaulted and about twenty-two percent of the college population was academically punished due to alcohol abuse.

“Fresh Meat”
As an incoming college freshman, alcohol can sometimes be the least of their worries. The emotional stability of those who are new college students has reached an all time low. According to the “The American Freshman: National Norms 2010,” students have been reporting instances of depression and have needed to take psychiatric medication to help them find stability in their life. The situation is made worse by the school’s’ lack of proper health care that is needed to treat student who suffer from mental illness such as depression..

Get Help!
Many who enter college want to prove a point that they can be adults and handle their own responsibilities. However, you really won’t make it through college if you don’t get the proper help that you may need. Becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol because of stress, and maybe even mental illnesses, needs special care. If you are a college student and you find yourself binge drinking or abusing substances, call Right Path Drug Rehab today. Our supportive and compassionate staff can help you recover from your addictions and also help you with your current stress, anxiety, and depression. If you contact Right Path Drug Rehab, a case manager will be more than happy to answer any further question or concerns you may have. Case managers will also be available to discuss with you how to customize your addiction recovery program. Not every one recovers the same, especially if you are also suffering from mental illnesses like depression. Do not attempt to quit addictions on your own, for it may lead to further physical and/or mental distress. Get on the right path again with Right Path Drug Rehab, and get back to college refreshed, sober, and healthy.

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