Positive Coping Mechanisms in Recovery

Right Path Drug Rehab and What We Do
Right Path Drug Rehab is a luxurious rehab center that is designed to care for those who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. Our staff consists of experienced individuals who are are compassionate about what they do. The staff at Right Path Drug Rehab is also sympathetic towards your needs and understands the importance of support. It is our goal to see that you have a full and well rounded recovery.

Addiction Recovery: Part 1
The dual diagnosis process is a valuable part of your customized addiction recovery program. The dual diagnosis treatment is a two part process in which you get treated by both physicians and therapists. The first part of your addiction treatment involves an evaluation with a case manager to determine how much support you will require throughout detox. Our clinically managed detox method allows clients to undergo the process in a safe and comfortable manner. Detoxification releases the harmful toxins left in your body without experiencing painful withdrawals that are usually associated with addiction.

Addiction Recovery: Part 2
Once staff members feel that you have completed your detoxification then they will transfer you to our luxurious facility where you will work with therapists, who will be available for one on one sessions, group therapy, and family therapy. Within your therapy sessions, therapists will establish what your triggers and temptations are. Next, you and your therapists will discuss positive coping mechanisms to help you when you feel the need to abuse substances.

Positive Coping Mechanisms
Right Path Drug Rehab offers a number of positive coping mechanisms and activities to help you with your sober journey. We have daily amenities available that include our 24 hour fitness center and private chefs to cook your daily meals. There are classes you can take such as yoga, meditation, and art. Our network also provides transportation for group activities such as hiking, paddle boarding, trips to the movie theater, beach, and mall. Right Path also offers professional preparations so that way you feel ready and confident to apply what you have learned when you return home. These professional preparation services will include assistance from a licensed counselor who will create your professional resume with you, teach you how to establish your residency, and go over how to manage your income. Positive coping mechanisms also include being involved with your community, which provides positive reinforcements towards your continuous addiction recovery. Right Path Drug Rehab and counselors will go over what your community has to offer with you. When your 30, 60, to 90 day addiction recovery program draws to an end, you will have an idea on what, where, how, and who should become involved with you and your life.

Support, Support, and More Support!
Right Path Drug Rehab wants to help you recover from your substance abuse. Addiction recovery is not easy and should not be done alone. Let Right Path Drug Rehab’s staff assist you and help you come up with positive coping mechanisms to further ease your recovery.

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