Right Path Drug Rehab Philadelphia

400 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19106

Getting professional help can make your recovery from substance abuse much more successful. Our network of providers at Right Path Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are experienced in guiding patients through successful recovery, let our network of providers get you on the path to addiction recovery treatment today at Right Path Philadelphia. Our dual diagnosis Right Path treatment center in Philadelphia provides mental and physical detox and rehabilitation to get your body clean, and get your mind ready for sobriety. Our physicians and doctors are trained and experienced in medically administering detox. You can rest comfortably for a day or so while doctors carefully monitor your progress as your body is relieved of substances. In Right Path Philadelphia detox treatment, you don’t have to go through withdrawals to get yourself physically clean. Following detox, Right Path Philadelphia has a dedicated network of providers to work with patients in therapy.

Both group sessions and one on one counseling is encouraged so patients are submerged in the every aspect with addiction recovery. You will learn how to live sober again without relying on substance abuse with a team of dedicated staff and uplifting recovery addicts behind you. Our Philadelphia facility provides the added bonus of moving addicts out of their familiar comfort zone. Gaining rehab in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from Right Path allows patients to be safe and secure away from their home stresses and enablers. Addiction recovery is that much more successful when the patient is removed from the source of their addition. The network of providers at Right Path Philadelphia, Pennsylvania support those seeking addiction recovery through positive coping mechanisms while in their 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program. Among beachside group therapy, hiking, kayaking, and yoga are a few tools you can develop to replace substance abuse and move toward a more successful, sober existence. You will gain understanding as a patient on how to live day by day as a recovering addict practicing relapse prevention from Right Path Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our top of the line facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania features private accommodations and chefs for our patients seeking addiction recovery. The luxurious facility allows you or your loved one to wholly focus their attention on addiction recovery during their 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program. Low capacity is exercised based on intake which allows every patient to receive the maximum attention and care from our network of providers at Right Path Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our experienced professional staff is compassionate, supportive, and experienced in teaching relapse prevention and securing individuals in a lifetime of sobriety and success. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse and addiction problems, the network of providers from Right Path Philadelphia would like to take the stress of fighting addiction off your hands. Contact a case manager art Right Path Philadelphia, Pennsylvania day and begin the road to recovery.

400 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106