Right Path Drug Rehab San Juan Capistrano

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Why suffer through withdrawals when Right Path San Juan Capistrano, California can assist you through substance abuse recovery comfortably and safely? Professional addiction recovery treatment with our network of providers is stress free, comprehensive, and individualized to tailor the needs of you or your loved one. There’s no reason to wait, address your addiction and contact a member of network providers today to start living the sober life you deserve.

Addiction recovery at Right Path San Juan Capistrano, California takes a unique form in our San Juan Capistrano dual diagnosis treatment center for those struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Counselors will work one on one with you or your loved one to address both the physical and psychological triggers and habits relating to addiction, in order for our psychiatrists to more effectively replace these habits. Detox is used to remove the physical attachment to drugs or alcohol, and comprehensive therapy in 30, 60, or 90 day treatment programs helps patients to relearn

Medically administered detox from compassionate physicians at Right Path San Juan Capistrano, California allows recovering addicts to get clean through detox without suffering from any withdrawal symptoms. You or your loved one can rest comfortably knowing detox will be safe and performed by experienced, understanding doctors and nurses within our San Juan Capistrano, California network of providers. The medically administered detox is induced by experienced, compassionate doctors educated on effective addiction recovery treatment. Remove the fear of withdrawals from your substance abuse recovery journey with Right Path’s medically administered detox process.

Addiction behaviors and feelings including cravings, temptation, and enabling are cycled out of patients’ lives by replacing substance abuse with positive coping mechanisms. Learning to rely on healing, relapse prevention methods when under stress makes sustained recovery significantly more attainable. These practices considered positive coping mechanisms uplift and restore in times of difficulty and stress. Meditation, yoga, hiking, kayaking, day trips and seaside group therapy are a few practices encouraged by our network of providers in San Juan Capistrano.

Counselors and case managers work to understand the history of each patient’s addiction, assessing the severity and progress on an individualized level. Patient learn to live among their network of sober individuals during their 30, 60 or 90 day stay, teaching self-control and cognitive stress management tools while in a supportive, low temptation setting.

Rolling enrollment periods are in place at Right Path San Juan Capistrano, California to secure the broad spectrum of services our network of providers offer for your use. Low capacity ensures that patients within Right Path San Juan Capistrano receive the maximum quality of care and attention.

The most difficult part is seeking professional help can be making the initial call. Get in touch with our network of compassionate, understanding providers and begin the journey to sobriety.