Marijuana And Its Effects

What Is Marijuana?
Marijuana is a form of hemp plant. The plant colors commonly have green and greyish tones. The hemp plant is also more popularly known as cannabis sativa. Marijuana carries many names such as weed, pot, ganja, Mary Jane, and bud. It can have other names depending if the drug is being abused with other illicit drugs. People usually use marijuana to smoke in a joint or blunt, or they consume it in the form of edibles. Edibles can be anything like baked goods, such as brownies. Marijuana can even be consumed as a tea.

The Side Effects
Marijuana is often associated with side effects such as relaxation, laughter, increased appetite, an altered perception of time, and a sense of euphoria. There are also opposite effects such as acute psychosis, delusions, paranoia, a loss of identity, and hallucinations. Depending on how you take marijuana, the side effects can take up to one hour to appear. Effects are almost immediate when smoking marijuana due to its instant contact with the lungs and blood stream. Thus, the high from consuming marijuana takes longer, since it has to digest within the body.

Marijuana Is Addictive?
Many have the misconception that marijuana is not addictive; however, it is. Surveys and studies conducted in the year 2013 by NSDUH proved that 4.2 million out of 6.9 million people who abused drugs and alcohol were addicted to marijuana. About 9% of people who began using marijuana for recreational purposes became addicted. People who are addicted to marijuana found that they experienced restlessness, loss or gain of appetite, physical discomfort, sleeping difficulties, and irritability. Marijuana becomes addictive due to its high potency of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The rise and demand for marijuana has lead to new strains that all have different levels of effects.

Are You Addicted to Marijuana?
If you find yourself needing to consume marijuana in order to function on a daily basis, you may be addicted. Right Path Drug Rehab can help you quit your marijuana addiction. We offer a broad spectrum of services that can be personalized to your specific needs. A case manager will be happy to go over our amenities that you will have full access to. Some of those amenities include our 24 hour fitness center and chefs who are available to cook all your daily meals. We also include our dual diagnosis treatment within your addiction recovery program. You will first go through a clinically managed detox which will relieve you of your addiction without experiencing any painful withdrawals. The dual diagnosis treatment also includes time working with a therapist who will help you identify your triggers and temptations. Don’t let your abuse of marijuana get in the way of your daily living. Contact Right Path Drug Rehab today, so that we can help you quit your marijuana addiction. Our compassionate and sympathetic staff can help you to wake up everyday feeling refreshed, healthy, and most importantly, sober.

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