Maintaining Sobriety After Completing an Addiction Recovery Program

What You Experienced
At Right Path Drug Rehab, you were admitted into a 30, 60, or 90 day addiction recovery program. This program was customized, based on the history and the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction. Once you and an intake coordinator went over your program, you were then taken to our medical facility. You then met with a case manager who performed an evaluation to determine how much support you required for your clinically managed detox. When you completed your detox, our staff sent you to our luxurious housing facility where you spent the remainder of your addiction treatment program with a therapist. You were able to meet with your therapist within one on one, or group therapy sessions, or family sessions. Your therapists taught you how to use positive coping mechanisms and how to identify your triggers and temptations.

You Had Fun Too!
Part of your addiction recovery program from was to relax and have a little fun. When you were not at detox or in a therapy session, Right Path Drug Rehab provided a number of services for you to enjoy. Our network had a 24 hour fitness center, yoga, art, or meditation classes. We also had group activities such as bowling, hiking, trips to the local movie theater, and much more. Not only was your stay at Right Path Drug Rehab a time to recover, but it was also a time to rejuvenate and reflect on yourself with the usage of our positive amenities.

Now It’s Time to Plan Your Future
Right Path Drug Rehab is proud to say that you are almost free to go and experience your new life. However, we want to make sure that you are prepared for what is to come. Due to your struggles with substance abuse, you may have lost or quit your job. That is why we offer counseling that specifically caters to your professional needs. The counselors our network provides are ready to help you create a professional resume to get you back out into the workforce with confidence. Counselors can also discuss your daily income budget and teach you how to establish your residency.

In parallel to SAMHSA, Right Path Drug Rehab makes sure that we focus on four areas of support during your time here:


These four areas of support will be your way of life and our techniques will offer you the best support possible. With our dual diagnosis process and now, with our professional preparation services, Right Drug Rehab is the perfect facility for a well-rounded addiction recovery program.

Continue On The Right Path!
Before you leave us, let Right Path Drug Rehab help you just a little bit more. Our professional preparations services are just as successful as our addiction recovery programs. We have the techniques and staff to guide you back to a healthy and sober life.

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