Intervention 2.0

It can be both physically and emotionally painful to watch someone you love suffer from an addiction. Oftentimes it can be difficult to figure out the best way to help them. Traditional “intervention” scenarios usually leave the user feeling caught off guard, embarrassed, ashamed, or even angry. You might think it would take a miracle to cause your loved one to want to find help, but recent studies have found the CRAFT intervention approach to be more effective than a traditional, stereotypical intervention approach.

What is CRAFT?

There are three main facets of a CRAFT style intervention:
Be prepared with a list of treatment options for your loved one. Before sitting down with him or her, it is imperative that you create a viable plan that includes already researched possibilities, such as making calls, asking about insurance, waiting lists, and criteria of admissions.
Recognize “dips” and “wishes”. When an individual is dealing with an addiction, there are always moments where he or she will feel motivation to change the addictive behavior. These are ideal moments to bring up the idea of addiction treatment. A “dip” is when the individual displays frustration, embarrassment, sadness, or shame about something that is a result of their substance abuse. A “wish” is when the individual says something like “I want to get a job,” or “I wish I could go back to school.” Bringing up treatment during these scenarios are the best time to offer the suggestion.
Know what you are going to say. Communicating in a positive and gentle manner is key. Prepare a script and practice it. Make sure that your message is rehearsed but doesn’t sound like it has been memorized. By being prepared while speaking to the individual in a respectful manner and remaining detached from your own emotions, the intervention has the best chance of success.

What is the Best Treatment Option?

Right Path Drug Rehab offers customized treatment programs for each client’s individual needs. Whether your loved one is struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, our experienced intake coordinators are skilled at placing clients into the right type of treatment program. Treatment always begins with a clinically managed detox. This allows the body and the brain to be able to freely communicate. Clients are encouraged to choose positive coping techniques and relapse prevention mechanisms that are appealing to their idea of fun and relaxation. We offer yoga, meditation, art classes, group therapy, beach trips, go-karting, professional preparation services and more. Contact us today, and learn about new opportunities for your loved one.

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