The most commonly prescribed opioid in the United States is called hydrocodone. It is classified as an opiate (narcotic) that is used for the treatment of pain. When an individual takes opioids for an extended period of time, it becomes very easy to get addicted to them. The process of recovering from any addiction takes time and patience. The duration of treatment length depends on the severity of the substance abuse and the length of the addiction. Generally most inpatient addiction treatment programs run from thirty to ninety days, and outpatient treatment usually extends from ten to twelve weeks.


Symptoms and Signs


Is a hydrocodone addiction afflicting you or someone you love? If you are taking hydrocodone in any way or amount other than what your doctor has prescribed, the answer is yes. Substance abuse can quickly lead to drug addiction. When you do not follow the precise dosing timeline as given by your physician, the body becomes tolerant and begins to require more of the drug to treat the pain. Hydrocodone addiction is mostly characterized by the incessant urge to take more of the drug; however, the addiction can occur for a myriad of reasons including but not limited to psychological, social, or biological factors.


Not all abusers of Hydrocodone exhibit the same signs and symptoms, but this is a general list to look out for if you suspect a loved one may be addicted: compulsive thinking about the drug, taking more than planned or the inability to stop, continued use of the drug even in the face of negative side effects such as anxiety, constipation, chest tightness, dizziness, nausea, rash, or vomiting, and insatiable drug cravings.




When an addicted individual enrolls in a drug rehab center for a Hydrocodone addiction, the client will first be required to undergo a detox session under the supervision of professionals. For serious cases, sometimes opiate substitution medications will be prescribed. Inpatient programs offer individual therapy, group counseling, and family sessions. Cognitive behavioral therapy is used to help addicted individuals learn positive coping mechanisms to fight temptations and triggers. There are also educational meetings and support groups that clients are encouraged to attend.


Right Path
Right Path Drug Rehab offers yoga, meditation, hiking, and more. Our staff members work with clients to find the right positive coping mechanisms for them. We also help our clients find their local support groups and create plans for when they return home. Recovery lasts a lifetime, and it is important to have a plan. For clients who are addicted to opiates like hydrocodone, we will generally recommend a 30-90 day addiction treatment program, but in the end, the length of the treatment program will be decided between the client and his or her case manager. For more information on what we offer, contact our helpful representatives at Right Path Drug Rehab today.

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