How to Really Help Someone Addicted to Alcohol

There is a big difference between moderate drinking and drinking problem. At a time when drinking becomes a regular part of life and results in negative consequences, there could be a very serious problem. There are many signs that can help you identify alcohol dependence and to stop it. The first step that needs to be done is to figure out what is the problem, what causes it and how to find help.

How to recognize a person with a drinking problem?

Someone who has a drinking problem will hardly  admit to themselves and to family. But there are signs that might indicate a problem:

  • You drink, despite feeling ashamed of your drinking
  • You forget what happened while you were drinking, because you drink too much
  • You need to drink in order to relax, have fun or be part of a group
  • You drink, despite  feeling guilty about your drinking
  • You are lying to others or hiding your drinking habits.

Denial is what prevents many individuals from seeking help for alcoholism or alcohol abuse. The need to drink is so great that the brain comes up with all kinds of reasons as to why it should be done despite grave consequences.  Denial that alcoholism is present can cause issues with finances, relationships, and the workplace. It also keeps you from looking honestly at your behavior.

How to get help for alcoholism?

The first step in solving a problem with alcohol  is recognition. You need to have  enormous courage to face with this problem. The road to healing is long and arduous. Support of families in these situations is crucial.

To start would be good to get into the group AA, where you will find support in the fight against alcoholism. In such groups, there are people who have the same problem as you. This group leads  professional individuals with whom you are talking during the meeting.

If meetings do not help you, you can log on to a vocational rehabilitation.

Treatment is carried out in institutions under the supervision of qualified doctors and expert persons. At rehab, you have a variety programs of self-help and therapy. One of them is talking with experts and the people who have gone through the process of healing.

You will have to face the underlying  problems that led to your alcoholism or alcohol abuse in the first place. These problems may be different such as depression, an inability to manage stress, an unresolved trauma from your childhood, or any number of mental health issues.


Alcohol recovery is a long process that often includes failures. You should not give up even if you make a mistake a couple of times.

Alcoholism affects all facets of life. Long time use of alcohol causes major health issues that can take a toll on all organs in the body, even the brain. This disease can cause the individual to become emotionally unstable and suffer many problems.  Contact our sympathetic intake coordinators at Right Path Drug Rehab today. They will be happy to answer any questions you have about creating a customized addiction treatment program of your own.

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