High-Functioning Addicts

When someone’s life is consumed by addiction—when their friends and family are gone and they’ve lost their job, when they live only for the high and they’ve landed in a jail cell or drug rehab—it’s clear that they need treatment in an addiction recovery center. But not all drug abusers fit this mold. There’s a different class of drug addicts, a group of people who seamlessly hide their addiction while simultaneously balancing high-demand jobs or responsibilities and maintaining relationships. These so-called high-functioning addicts live in constant denial and often don’t get the help they need.


A high-functioning addict usually has a high-powered job or position, which allows them greater professional freedom. If they leave the office for a stretch of a few hours, no one calls to check up on them. If they roll in a little late, there’s no manager asking them where they’ve been. Because of this freedom, addicts can go about their business as they please with fewer consequences, and can preserve a facade of professionalism.


High-functioning addicts often live in a state of denial. The usual negative stereotype of a low-life, strung-out drug addict doesn’t apply to them, and so they conclude that they can’t possibly have a problem. Because their days are filled with challenging responsibilities, these addicts rationalize their addiction away. No one would entrust such an important project to a drug addict, they think. I’ve got it all together. And they do—until they eventually slip out of control.


Unfortunately, because of their rejection of the label “drug addict,” high-functioning addicts don’t seek treatment at addiction treatment facilities when they need it. As long as they can keep their drug abuse under wraps, there’s no need to bring it into the light. If someone manages to have a drug addiction while also running a successful business, then there’s no problem, right? As long as everything keeps chugging along smoothly, there’s no reason to ask for help, because everything is still working. The problem with that thinking is that it minimizes the seriousness of drug abuse.


High-functioning drug addicts may even do more damage to themselves than someone who hits rock bottom and realizes they need to turn their life around. For a high-functioning drug addict, life is working, and there’s no external reason to stop abusing drugs. Their addiction may progress for years and years, wreaking untold damage on their bodies and minds. Unfortunately, high-functioning addicts often don’t realize they need help until their excruciatingly compartmentalized life shatters and spins out of control.


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