Family Therapy and LGBT Individuals in Addiction Treatment Programs

Rejection and Isolation as the Root of Substance Abuse

In her article, “How the Family Unite Can Impact the Outcome of Substance Use Treatment in the LGBT Community,” Marni Low writes that, “psychological distress caused by early family and childhood experiences of rejection and isolation rooted in gender and sexual identity, can lead to mental health and substance abuse issues into adulthood.” At Right Path Drug Rehab, our licensed counselors and therapists are passionate about working with clients to help them dig to the root of their addiction. We know that everyone has had a different experience with drug and alcohol abuse, therefore we create individualized addiction recovery programs for each of our clients. Treatment is always tailored to each individual’s specific needs and history, both with substance abuse and also personal life trauma.

Family Therapy as an Integral Aspect of Recovery

In Low’s article, she further explains that, “family therapy can provide a supportive environment to address maladaptive communication, relationships patterns and boundaries. Therapy can also provide a platform to educate family members around the substance users’ sexual and gender identity, which may assist in fostering connection, identification, and acceptance.” Family support services at Right Path Drug Rehab are designed to support both the client and their family unit. Our network of providers has two points of focus when it comes to family therapy:

To enable productive and effective conversations between the client and their family members in regards to the client’s addiction history, recovery process, and eventual reintegration into home life, after the addiction treatment program has come to an end.
To allow family members to voice their own experience with the client’s addiction history and how it has affected their lives personally and as a cohesive family unit.

Sober Support Networks and Chosen Family

Our network of providers is committed to fully accepting and treating individuals from all walks of life. We understand that not everyone comes from a family or a situation that allows for any type of familial support. Because of this, Right Path Drug Rehab’s counselors and case managers facilitate the creation of sober support networks. By bonding with other individuals through group therapy and off-site weekend activities, our clients will be able to create what Low calls a “chosen family.”

Support in recovery is crucial to maintaining lasting sobriety. Right Path Drug Rehab is well known for our relapse prevention techniques, which sober support networks play a major part in. By having a group of people to remain accountable to and to gain strength from, clients will be equipped with the necessary tools to continue on in recovery, even after formal treatment has ended.
What Else Does Right Path Offer?

Treatment will last 30, 60, or 90 days based on the severity of your addiction and will be discussed with your physician. While you reside in our luxury housing accommodations, you will learn positive coping mechanisms such as 12 step programs, exercise, yoga, meditation, group therapy and individual counseling that are designed to replace substance abuse during times of stress and temptation. Call our compassionate intake coordinators for more information about our wide array of addiction treatment options.

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