Exercise is Important in Addiction Recovery

Worried About Addiction Recovery?

There is no need for you to fear addiction treatment with our unparalleled network of providers. Right Path Drug Rehab operates as a dual diagnosis facility where our experienced staff works together in order to identify and assist the physical and psychological side effects of your addiction. We firmly believe in the importance of treating both the mental and physical aspects of prolonged substance abuse, because this produces a higher rate of recovery. Detoxification is a very important part of the beginning of your treatment because it triggers the brain to let the body know that it is no longer dependent on drugs and alcohol.

Our luxurious housing accommodations offer you access to our time tested tools such as relapse prevention practices and positive coping techniques. Positive practices include 12 step programs, exercise, yoga, meditation, art, group therapy, and one on one counseling. These should be used in place of substance abuse during times of temptation and stress, as they restore self-control and awareness to the individual. Exercise, especially, is an important component of recovery.

Why Exercise?

According to Smart Recovery, there are five main reasons as to why incorporating regular exercise or workouts into your maintenance of sobriety is very important:

Exercise helps with providing structure to your day. When living in recovery, structure is very important. Set workout plans, attending classes on specific days at certain times, and trying new activities takes the place of time that would otherwise be spent drinking or obtaining illicit drugs.
Exercise takes up time. Even one or two zumba classes or sessions with a trainer each week can add up to a lot of time, when you count driving there and back, cleaning up, etc. Many individuals in recovery find that they have a lot more time on their hands now that they aren’t using. Activities like these help to fill in the spaces.
Exercise is involved in the Cost Benefit Analysis. The more time you spend obtaining and using drugs or alcohol, the less time you can spend training for that backpacking trip you want to go on with your friends in six months. The cost of using always outweighs the benefits.
Exercise provides you with positive feelings. Start your exercise plan with things you enjoy, like taking a walk at the beach, or going around the park with your dog. As you continue to recover, you will discover that working out puts you in a positive mood, and you may find other activities that appeal to you.
Exercise helps to heal your brain and body. Cardiovascular health and depression symptoms are only two of many facets that are positively affected by exercise.

Exercise will be a part of your addiction recovery program at Right Path Drug Rehab. Our network of providers will help you discover which aspects of fitness you can incorporate into your daily life back at home. Call us today to speak with a case manager and begin your journey toward sobriety and your maximum potential.

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