Dual Diagnosis Treatment Plans Cover All the Bases

In the year 2013, SAMHSA reported that 22.7 million individuals aged 12 or older required treatment for an alcohol or illicit drug use problem. 20.2 million of those people who needed the treatment did not receive it. Right Path Drug Rehab does not want to see you or a loved one become a part of these troubling statistics. Our unparalleled network of providers has overseen the complete recovery of innumerable patients, and we would now like to extend our services to you.

We maintain a low client intake so that we are able to focus on every individual at our drug rehab. By practicing decreased capacity, we ensure the highest quality of care and consistent access to our broad spectrum of services. Each one of our addiction recovery programs is completely customized to each client’s needs, addiction severity, and history of substance abuse.

What are Dual Diagnosis Treatment Plans?

Our network of providers designs each addiction treatment program from a dual diagnosis approach so that we are able to treat both the psychological and physical side effects of each client’s addiction. When we identify and address both the mental and corporeal facets of addiction, we are then able to create a solid framework for successful sobriety. The two aspects of treatment that comprise dual diagnosis treatment are clinically assisted detox and a therapy intensive relapse prevention program.

What is Clinically Assisted Detox?

At the start of your addiction recovery program, you will complete a clinically assisted detox. There is nothing to fear in regards to detoxification at our drug rehab center. Right Path Drug Rehab’s case managers administer evaluations to determine each client’s required level of support. Your safety and comfort are important to our network of providers. Detox will be peaceful and easy under the care of our professional staff. It is very important to go through detox at the beginning of treatment because it allows your brain to begin to communicate with your body without any toxins in the way.

What is a Relapse Prevention Program?

A relapse prevention program is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and tools to maintain your sobriety after your addiction recovery program comes to an end. Our network of providers will include things in this program that cater to your individual needs. We offer individual therapy, group counseling, and family services, all designed to foster the exploration of your addiction in different ways. Counselors and case managers also teach positive coping mechanisms such as art, yoga, meditation, exercise, hiking, and more. These positive practices are designed to replace substance abuse during times of temptation and emotional distress. We also encourage our clients to participate in 12-step programs, either faith-based or alternative. Our network of providers knows that it is very difficult to break the cycle of substance abuse on your own. It is an undertaking that requires professional clinical help. Call one of our compassionate intake coordinators today with any questions you might have about our addiction treatment programs.

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