Does Drinking In Moderation Work?

Alcohol is commonly used by people in order to relax and in order to celebrate special occasions. Alcohol has the ability to dull the senses and put people into a happy stupor, one of the primary reasons it is so commonly used for celebrations. Alcohol’s mind altering effects can also be highly addictive for some people, causing them to regularly drink in excess. So is it really possible for someone who drinks in excess to be able to limit their alcohol intake to only a few drinks?  


Moderation with alcohol has been a method to help heavy drinkers since the 1960s, following the line of thinking that drinking a few drinks would be easier for those that enjoy drinking than giving up alcohol cold turkey. Some have found this method effective in being able to gain control over their alcohol intake. If you have a loved one that is abusing alcohol, suggesting that they start to drink in moderation will be met with less resistance than if you were to suggest that they completely give up alcohol. By testing to see if they can control their intake of alcohol to a moderate level, those who drink in excess will be able to determine whether they really have an alcohol addiction or not. Those who are unable to get a handle on their drinking problem are very likely to have an alcohol addiction and failing to drink in moderation may help them to realize how severe of a problem they have. According to guidelines established by the National Institute of Health, a government established entity committed to health and well-being, drinking in moderation means no more than 7 drinks a week for women and no more than 14 drinks a week for men.


If you find that you are unable to habitually stick to these guidelines, it is time to consider getting professional help. Talking to an addiction counselor or a psychiatrist may help you to see that you are using alcohol as a coping mechanism for an underlying issue, causing you to have an emotional dependence on alcohol. Sometimes if you are able to find healing for these underlying emotional issues, you will be able to break the dependence on alcohol and will be able to easily start drinking in moderation. Other people may have a physical dependence on alcohol, especially they have a family history of alcoholism. For those individuals, the best method to overcoming their alcohol addiction for both their health and their relationships would be to stop drinking altogether.


Alcohol doesn’t have to have a hold over you any longer. You don’t have to keep drinking heavily. If you are looking to become a more moderate drinker, it is best to get on a plan, preferably under the direction of a trained professional.  For best results, someone struggling with drinking should be evaluated and monitored by someone at an addiction treatment center so they can come up with an effective plan of action to get control over their addiction. With an effective plan, the proper help,  and some self-control you can gain some control over your drinking and still enjoy alcohol in moderation.  Contact Right Path Drug Rehab today to get the right kind of help for your addiction related needs.


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