Detoxing from Ecstasy

As with any drug, it is entirely possible for the body to become accustomed to the side effects of ecstasy, or MDMA. When the body reaches a point of tolerance, it becomes difficult to achieve the same type of high with the same amount of drugs. MDMA is known as a party drug, and some people claim that casual use doesn’t affect them; however, the more the drug is used, the quicker the body becomes tolerant of the dose. If you or someone you love is ready to seek treatment at a drug rehab center, it is first necessary to undergo a complete detox.


On average it takes anywhere from two to four days for the body to detox from the effects of ecstasy. MDMA is a psychoactive drug that is classed as an amphetamine. It is very easy to become both psychologically and physically dependent on it. After an individual consumes ecstasy, there is generally a buzz-kill feeling during the come down. The duration of these withdrawal symptoms is based on how long the person has been taking MDMA for, how much they have been taking, and if other drugs have been used in conjunction with it. Although it is popular to view MDMA as mostly harmless, we encourage those who have been using it consistently to learn about the lasting effects it has on your body and brain.


Those who are detoxing from ecstasy most often relapse in the window of 0-72 hours. The physical withdrawal symptoms are the worst during this time period and can often encourage the individual to use again. As the body begins to react to the lack of the drug in the system, physical exhaustion, constipation, general fatigue, diarrhea, and dehydration can occur. Those who have used the drug more extensively and more often will tend to exhibit these symptoms more than those who are casual users.


While clients in treatment can expect to reach physical stability fairly soon, it does take a while for the psychological symptoms of withdrawal to fade. Following a successful detox, it is recommended that the individual participates in an addiction treatment program at a drug rehab center. Right Path Drug Rehab offers customized treatment plans at our luxury drug rehab facilities. Clients live alongside others in recovery while learning positive coping practices like meditation, yoga, therapy, and more. We also provide the opportunity to join in on exciting weekend excursions like hiking, surfing, go-kart trips, horseback riding and more. Socializing with others in treatment allows our clients to build sober support networks that will be there for them even after their program comes to an end.


It can be very tempting to use ecstasy again even after detoxing and completing an addiction recovery program at a drug rehab facility. We encourage all clients to become involved with a local recovery community upon returning home and are happy to facilitate these types of connections. The habit to use ecstasy compulsively can develop at any time. Please take the opportunity to reach out to Right Path Drug Rehab, and learn about our individualized addiction recovery options that could be right for you or someone you care for.

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