Customized Addiction Treatment Programs: One Size Does Not Fit All

Finding an addiction recovery program is kind of like shopping. You can’t walk into a store and just assume that a pair of “one size fits all” pants is going to fit your body. This is because your body is special and different from everyone else. No two people share the same body; therefore, those one size pants may not fit. It’s always best to find a pair that is custom tailored to you. Just like those perfectly fitted pants, Right Path Drug Rehab wants to make sure that your addiction recovery program is tailored specifically for you.

Addiction Recovery Programs Just For You
Right Path Drug Rehab offers a broad spectrum of services to ensure you that you will have a customized addiction program. Once an intake coordinator admits you to our facility through our rolling enrollment process, they will discuss with you the number of painless treatments that we have to offer. Each addiction treatment program consists of the dual diagnosis process. This process is based on the history and the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction. You begin the dual diagnosis method by undergoing a clinically managed detox. When staff feels that you have completed your detox you will be moved to Right Path Drug Rehab’s luxury housing facility.

Further Ways to Customize Your Addiction Recovery Program
At this point in your addiction recovery program, you will begin working with a therapist who can offer you different positive coping mechanism to deal with the triggers and temptations you may experience. Therapists at Right Path Drug Rehab will be available for one on one or group therapy sessions and 12 step programs. Some of the coping mechanisms that our network provides are yoga, art, and meditation classes. We offer outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Group activities also take place during the weekends where transportation will take you to local beaches, malls, and movie theaters. Right Path Drug Rehab also gives clients full access to other amenities such as our 24 hour fitness center and private chefs who are available to cook all your daily meals. If that doesn’t seem like it’s enough, Right Path Drug Rehab will also help you to coordinate your relapse prevention program. Our network provides licensed counselors to go over ways to keep you sober even when your time at Right Path Drug Rehab is over.

What Are You Waiting For?
Right Path Drug Rehab is fully staffed with the most sympathetic and compassionate therapists and staff members. They understand that your body is unique, valuable, and deserves special attention during your addiction recovery program. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us, and an intake coordinator will be happy to give you further information. Don’t go on buying pairs of one size fits all pants when you can have the perfect fit. Let Right Path Drug Rehab help you find that perfect fit and lead you on to live your life in a comfortable and sober manner.

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