Crack Nicotine: What Are You Smoking?


We all know that cigarettes are extremely unhealthy and highly addictive, but do you ever wonder what is actually in the cigarettes that you smoke every day? Besides tobacco, there are a wide variety of chemicals that are in all brands of cigarettes. Some of these chemicals are not only volatile, but also cancerous, such as:


  • Formaldehyde- used to embalm the deceased
  • Polonium 210- radioactive chemical
  • Benzene- found in gasoline
  • Arsenic- used in pesticides
  • Cadmium- found in batteries
  • Carbon Monoxide- found in car exhaust
  • Ammonia- used in cleaners  
  • Toluene- chemical in paint thinners


From cancerous to poisonous gases, you would think that it cannot get any worse. However it can.


Crack in Your Cigarettes

Scientific studies have found that some cigarettes contain a little extra kick for consumers. This kick is crack nicotine. What is crack nicotine you ask? Crack nicotine is the residue that rises to the top of a nicotine and sulfate mixture used to create your tobacco. This residue is highly potent and addictive. Another name given to crack nicotine is freebased nicotine. The reason why this remaining chemical is known as crack nicotine is because it is made from the same procedure that is used to create cocaine hydrochloride powder.


“Crack” Nicotine Can’t Be That Bad?…Right?

Freebased nicotine is more harmful to your health than nicotine alone. When crack nicotine is within your cigarette, you can experience a heightened alertness and extraneous stimuli. Smoking crack nicotine has the same side effects as smoking regular cocaine and has similar deadly consequences. If not regulated, smoking a high amount of crack nicotine can lead to brain damage and fatal body convulsions.  


Are You Addicted?

If you are currently a smoker and are addicted to cigarettes, there may be a greater reason why. You could additionally be addicted to the crack nicotine that is within your cigarettes. If you want help and want to relieve yourself of your addiction, call Right Path Drug Rehab. We have a broad spectrum services that can help you overcome addiction. Our clinicians and therapists will work together in a dual diagnosis program. The dual diagnosis method offers a clinically managed detox. This detox is important to your customized addiction recovery program because it will offer you relief without causing any painful withdrawal symptoms. When you have completed your detox, you will be able to join therapy sessions. These sessions will be available for individual, group, or family therapy. You can also become involved in a number of therapeutic activities that we have to offer at Right Path Drug Rehab. These activities include hiking, kayaking, yoga, art, mediation, and much more! You do not have to go through addiction recovery alone. There are others just like you who want to better their lives. It will not always be easy, but having the results of a happier and healthier life will be worth it. Contact Right Path Drug Rehab today so we can help you get on the right path towards sobriety.


t Right Path Drug Rehab today so we can help you get on the right path towards sobriety.

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