Benefits of Sobriety

It seems that more and more people are going the way of being “straight edge” or sober, even if they are individuals who have never struggled with addictions. This is largely due to the evident benefits of sobriety, especially in a time where, let’s face it, survival isn’t always the easiest. It is expensive enough to pay for rent, clothes, and food- add recreational substance use, whether it be alcohol or a more illicit substance, it becomes far more difficult to afford the necessary things we need to get by day to day.


Benefits of sobriety include Saving Money, individuals who use substances such as alcohol on a regular basis usually don’t truly realize just how much money is spent on drinking until. Even if you rationalize your spending, a night out can really add up really fast. Lets think about the average night on the town: there is the cost of the alcohol – if your going out you have to pay tips on top of the probably overpriced drinks, then a cab or Uber trip, possibly drugs or cigarettes,  and that 2 a.m. pizza or  fast food burger. If you multiply that over how many times you do it in a month or a year you could be looking at hundreds to thousands of dollars. Making ends meet, aka. Survival, is always a lot easier when you’re sober.


Another benefit of sobriety is you will Look Better, many people don’t think about the impact of substance use on your appearance, and many people don’t care until after they have stopped drinking or using substances. Once you quit and detox expect to hear compliments such as “Your skin looks amazing!” , “Did you lose weight?”, “You look so healthy!”. Think about it, you are actively cutting out toxins out, and if you are partial to alcohol, you are cutting calories out too. In addition to the man physical changes you will go through, chances are that you will find yourself  to be a happier and more radiant person (though it takes work and time to get here).


Once you become successful and healthy you will Become the Person People Reach Out to for Help, someone you know who is thinking about quitting drug use or drinking may come to you after seeing how well you’re doing. Basically, you can become an inspiration to others who are in a similar situation.


If you are ready to make the commitment to sobriety, contact one of our intake coordinators at Right Path Drug Rehab. Take the first step today toward a brighter future tomorrow.


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