Are You Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol?

About Addiction
Addiction, is a disease that manifests through decisions and consequences from experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Usually people turn to drugs and alcohol due to recreational use within social circles or life stresses. Other times people who suffer from addiction also suffer from a known or unknown mental illness. The combination of the two (substance abuse and mental illness) is called co-occurring disorders. However your addiction came to be, it is underestimated how difficult it is to quit. Those who struggle with substance abuse often try to quit; however, due to tolerance and withdrawal, it becomes almost impossible without the proper care. Tolerance occurs when the individual who is involved with illicit drugs and alcohol no longer feels the same effects as they did when they first started abusing the substances. This leads to greater and more consistent substance abuse in order to feel the effects. Withdrawals occur when a person quits drugs or alcohol and experiences painful side effects. These effects can be cold sweats, headaches, body aches, and much more.

How Do You Know If You Are Experiencing Addiction?
There are many signs of addiction. 12 of those signs are:

Change in appearance- sudden weight gain or loss, dilated and/or blood shot eyes, and smelly breath
Loss of interest in food and lack of sleep
Lack of personal hygiene- people lose the will to wash clothes, bathe, and keep up with personal grooming
Memory loss- not being able to remember what was done the night before, etc
Losing interest in social activities- people may find themselves isolated as they drop activities such as school, work, hobbies, and friends
Sudden need for money- paying for drugs becomes expensive and the need to borrow or steal money becomes a way of life
Lying- secret behaviors occur which leads to withdrawing from loved ones and social circles
Change of friends- those who supply or practice the same substance abuse become new friends
Change in persona- sudden change in mood and personality
Ups and Downs- experiencing the highs (hyperactivity) and lows (fatigue) of addiction
Change in health- side effects of drugs such as cocaine or meth can cause nose bleeds, headaches, seizures, etc
Unexplained fear- signs of paranoia occur for no reason

Aw Man…I’m Suffering From Addiction…What Do I Do?
If you or someone you know is showing signs of substance abuse and addiction, call Right Path Drug Rehab. We understand that addiction is an overwhelming disease and needs professional attention in order to recover. That is why we offer addiction recovery programs that are specifically tailored to your needs. Some of the positive coping mechanisms that we do have for those recovering from drug or alcohol addiction are yoga, meditation, and art classes. We also offer group activities such as hiking, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Our network provides transportation on the weekends for trips to local malls, beaches, and movie theaters. Intake coordinators are available to answer any of your questions or concerns in regards to what we have to offer. Right Path Drug Rehab offers so much more in order to help you start living your life drug and alcohol free.

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