A Slippery Slope: The Hard Truth About Prescription Drugs

What Qualifies as a Prescription Drug?

Prescription drugs are usually provided by experienced staff for clients for the sole purpose of treatment. According to Above the Influence, “some people assume that since they’re legal when prescribed by a doctor, they must be safer than illegal drugs. The truth is, these drugs require a prescription for a reason.”  Painkillers (opioid analgesics) are the highest prescribed medication that is misused. In the National Control Strategy 2014  report, more than 38,300 deaths from prescription drugs occurred. 16,600 of those deaths were related to painkillers, and between 2010-2012 the death rate rose by 5%. It has become a national goal to reduce addiction and death rates from prescription drugs by 15% from 2012, forward..


Prescription Drugs Can’t Be That Bad…Right?

Wrong. Being addicted to prescription medication is just as bad as being dependent on any other drug. Whether the usage of prescription drugs is intended or not, it is one of the leading substances of abuse. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration  in a 2013 study, 15.3 million people aged 12 and older used prescription drugs non medically within the year. Within a month, 6.5 million more were abusing prescription drugs. People often have the misconception that prescription drugs are safer than “street drugs.” Prescription medications are desirable due to their increased availability, their ability to counter anxiety, and the way they help with sleep deprivation. By being dependent on prescription drugs, you run the risks of:

  • falls and fractures in older adults
  • initiating injection drug use leading to infections such as Hepatitis C and HIV
  • overdose
  • death


Treatment and Management

You can seek treatment at the Right Path Drug Rehab facility. Our experienced staff with provide you with a clinically managed detox to help you avoid withdrawal symptoms from prescription drugs. The clinically managed detox counters the previous addictions you had. After working with a professional staff member, you are transferred to the Right Path Drug Rehab luxury housing where you will be spending the remainder of your treatment. Therapy will provide you with positive coping mechanisms to help with triggers and temptations that you may have. The combination of counseling and therapy is known as a dual diagnosis process. The technique is highly effective and provides a well rounded recovery.


To manage your addiction, Right Path Drug Rehab facility offers a broad spectrum of services that will keep you busy from distressing thoughts or urges. Our network promotes relaxing and rejuvenating activities such as yoga, art, and meditation classes. We also like to provide outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding. Since you will be living within our luxury housing, we provide necessities such as private chefs to cook your daily meals and a 24 hour fitness center.


So You’re Addicted to Prescription Drugs…Now What?

Call us! Right Path Drug Rehab is always accepting clients just like you on a rolling enrollment basis. A compassionate case manager is ready to walk you through your personalized recovery program and help you start living your life sober and healthy.

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