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Heroin Detox – Addiction Treatment Heroin detox has two main purposes, a clinical one to recover the patient from the life of drug abuse and another for rehabilitation and mental health of the addict. A lot of people don’t know that detoxification is also very effective in curing addiction. Heroin detox program is commonly used in medical centers that offer their best treatment facility to addicts. The aim of detox is to take out all the impurities present in the body to increase its efficiency as a drug and you should not worry about the long term effects that the drug may have. While taking the treatment, the doctor would also ask you to stay away from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Apart from this, you can also take up herbal medicines and vitamins to control the withdrawal symptoms and relive your pains. Many addicts feel that detoxification is only a prison term that will let them go out on parole, but they are wrong. You have to face the consequences that are associated with the drugs. The doctor who conducts the detox program will also ask you to avoid the habits which are related to the drug abuse and they will also guide you in a proper way to control your substance abuse. During the detox, you can only spend four hours a day in the program that consists of exercises, relaxation techniques, sleeping techniques, and detox diet. During the…

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