Starting your first year of college can often be considered one of the most anxiety inducing experiences anyone will have to go through. You are thrown from your family home and into a school where there are thousands of individuals you have never met before. More likely than not, you will probably be living in a dorm alongside another individual or two, or even three roommates. This can be incredibly nerve-wracking to some.   Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol are quite easy to acquire at most colleges across the country. What this means is that these readily available substances can often be used in an attempt to reduce anxiety and fit in with an entirely new crowd of students. There are a few reasons why college students may turn to narcotics or alcohol to ease their current pain and stress.   Stress Stress is one of the most common feelings for a college student. Students are facing the extreme demands of coursework, upcoming exams or projects, part-time jobs, an internship, social obligations, and their own personal problems. To fight all of this, students turn to various types of drugs in an attempt to cope with their problems. Course loads can be one of the main reasons why someone would smoke marijuana or down a few shots of whiskey in their spare time at college. Most students have never handled such a course load like this before and it can feel overwhelming….